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2nd AR Co. B/ 38th IN. Co. D

Who are we?

The "Southern Indiana Civil War Association" are an American Civil War Living History Group based in Southern Indiana and Kentucky, with the Company Headquarters currently (2019) being in Pekin, Indiana. The primary goal of the company is to further the education of the general public and to preserve the memory of Union/ Confederate Soldiers of the American Civil War, 1860 to 1865.

    The officers and men of the "Southern Indiana Civil War Association" represent the Volunteers of the original units that served from 1860 to 1865 across the States of Indiana (Washington Co.) and Arkansas.

    The present members of company are a group of men and women, mostly from the states of Indiana and Kentucky who participate in local and national living histories and battle reenactments. The members are drilled in the proper Infantry Tactics and formations of the time-period, as outlined by our By-Laws. (Hardee’s Rifle & Light Infantry Tactics, and Gilham's)

Our Mission

To provide an authentic and accurate portrayal of the men who served in Company B, 2nd Arkansas and 38th Indiana Co. D at historical reenactments and living history events.  To protect and preserve the history of those men, and the heritage of those who are descended from Union and Confederate soldiers.  We strive to tell the story of these men and their struggle for independence during the War Between the States 1861-65.  We also seek to protect Confederate symbols and monuments from being removed and disgraced in the name of political correctness.